Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Need Motivation?

Do you know how fit you are compared to others your age?  

If you are struggling with motivation you are probably not setting goals to keep you focused. 

·         Losing weight and inches is great however we need to push ourselves in regards to our fitness levels in order to keep changing our bodies.

 At Envision we are dedicated in offering accountable and innovative ways to keeping our clients motivated.  

Our lifestyle programs will not only enhance your life but will become a way of life.  Being healthy is more than how much you weigh.  Lifting weights with no goals is pointless!  

·        We offer programs for all ages to help you transform your way of life.  FitRanX is our newest program to help you improve your functional strength and endurance.

·        We provide standardized testing for 16yrs. to over 55+ ages to rank your level of fitness.   

·        We will customize a program designed for your fitness level so that you can progress through the ranking system. 

Envision Health Studio

This is a standardized national ranking system to rank your fitness with others in your age category across the nation as well as compete with yourself by setting goals of excellence!

In order to test you must be properly screened and enrolled in the FitRanx Program at Envision Health Studio!
Program Starts in April and all testing will be offered once a  month

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