Saturday, December 17, 2011

Overcoming Obesity , Depression and nearly Dying...A clients Journey To Better Health



I joined Fit Body Boot Camp as a result of being sick and tired of being "sick and tired"  I had  low energy, not to mention the growing list of risk associated with obesity, and I was disgusted with my looks. I knew much of my problem was rooted in the fact I was severely depressed and gained over 250lbs. Since 2002, I lost two children days after birth, I was successfully treated for cancer, and I lost my younger sisters and mother to disease.  I managed to function for a long time with all this baggage.  I didn`t care about life all I felt was grief and I packed more lbs on an already fat body. I was functional enough to make sure the house and our kids (son and niece) were maintained. Eventually I prayed to God that he would help pull me out of this place because I realized the feelings and the high fat foods were getting me ready for a really big casket! My wife was patient loving me through the process. (I don't know how she did it). My prayers were answered gradually I started to slowly emerge from this fog and I started having the will to do better.

My frustrations actually began In my mid twenties I became less active ( I stopped running, lifting weights,etc). I became focused on school and work which was less physical. I began packing on the lbs. I went on diets that would give me results but I would go back to the same old` bad habits. Eventually the weight gain would always come back with a vengeance. I continued this cycle for 10+ years, I eventually gained over 250 lbs. 

I tried everything to lose weight Slim Fast, medical weight loss, fasting , and gyms.  Prior to Fit Body, I was scheduled for gastric bypass but our insurance change and I couldn't have the surgery. Once I knew this was not going to happen, I began focusing on getting back into exercise.  I knew I couldn't be the Lone Ranger...I needed help ! I wanted to align with people who had similar goals something I didn’t get when I tried the 'big-bad-gym mill'. ( I remember once a trainer charged me $ 90.00 fee for just for asking a question about a machine. I Got rid of the fee and the gym.

What I like the most about Stacy’s boot camp is that there is a group of people who are supportive of each other. There is no competition and most of all no boring treadmills or machines. I like the variety, Stacy keeps things from being predictable and I like challenges. I believe that is what has kept me here for nine months.
The results I have got from boot camp are I have more stamina, I have dropped 4 pant sizes. The day before this writing I pulled out a pair of new pants I could not fit in two years ago, (just as a test to see where I am). They fit fine!  I have lost 74lbs and counting! 

My advice for  others who  may be frustrated about getting started with exercise program is
You  must be willing  to change. lt doesn't matter how many people or reports published saying fat kills, nothing happens until you turn the corner in your will. I think real change is sustained by deliberate and planned and acted on over time. You can’t be swayed by fads and somebody`s ideal of what you should have to do it for yourself! Others can motivate but in the end YOU gotta do the work! What’s beautiful and sexy is you being the best you( healthy and active enjoying your life). You must realize that extra stuffing is covering up the real healthier version of yourself.  Concentrate on moving more exchanging bad habits for good ones, the body will change. Honestly, if I had 5 or 10 vanity lbs to lose, I probably wouldn`t be  toying around with my metabolism. I have seen some beautiful women talking about how much of a whale they were at size 8 or 10. People need to make lifestyle changes and stop dieting, let diet and exercise be a new norm not a temporary fix.

 What keeps me focused is my mental picture of what I will be when I`m done. My goals are to continue being more active with my family and go back into law enforcement. What also keeps me going is the positive feelings and changes both in body and mind and compliments from people who are noticing my progress. I know I have ways to go but these are good sign posts. I feel so much better, if I miss a workout I don’t feel as well that day. I know this might be taboo but I don’t completely deny myself of things I enjoyed. Once in a while I will eat that piece of cake or wing dings or whatever...just in moderation. I found that I want healthy choices not that junk. I crave things like fruit, grilled fish and chicken, it didn’t happen overnight (neither did the nearly 300 lbs gain). Also there good alternatives to some of the things I used use to scarf down and keep the best at bay.

 I make choices that will change my life.  Thank you Stacy and Fit Body Boot Camp;I haven’t felt this good in a long time! 

Rodney is a true inspiration for anyone who is struggling with weight issues.  He had courage to change, he had the courage to come to a group class and participate in a challenging workout.  Although he had an extra 250lbs to carry, he was able to lose weight through moderation in food intake and attending boot camp for exercise.  He started class with some modifications but shortly was able to build  up his endurance to running and doing all the exercises in class.  He loved the challenge and proved to be one strong boot camper!  He will be missed tremendously in class and we wish him the best of luck as he and his family move to Jacksonville, FLA. We are  so proud of you Rodney!
I have no doubt that Rodney's journey will continue on because he gets it and he has the determination to overcome anything that life puts in front of him.  He has overcome a lot in his life and those struggles have strengthen him and given him the internal motivation to stay on the road to good health.  
May God Keep Blessing You and Your Family! 
From Your Friends at STA-FIT & Fit Body Boot Camp



  1. Wow! What an amazing story! It is always wonderful to see you at bootcamp giving it your all. Now knowing what you've overcome, it has even more meaning. I hate that you will be moving away, you will truly be missed. Keep us up to date on your progress and we'll do the same.

    Your story has inspired me to quit slacking and work harder on my diet. Please don't tell Stacy though, she'll really hold me to it. I am sooo proud of you, keep up the good work! And continue to enjoy life wherever you go. It's nice to know that you have a good support team at home, but don't forget that we are all here for you too.

  2. Thank you Danielle,I find your words very encouraging! They mean more than I can say! I just hope my story can be passed along to anyone struggling with ANYTHING. We all face obstacles in life and some times hearing other stories help keep us focused. Stacy paired down some parts of the interview but the most important things made it to print. I`m still on this journey and I have a way to go. please stay in touch!!