Sunday, October 30, 2011

No Time to Cook , Shop, and Prepare Healthy Meals!

Save Time, Save Money, No cooking or Cleaning, Lose Weight with Gourmet Food!
So are you tired of planning your meals, preparing and cooking, spending time grocery shopping and cleaning dishes, if so I have a solution for you!
I recently met with a Food Delivery company that provides food especially for fitness trainers and their clients.  I have been researching companies like this for over a year to find a solution for my busy clients. Clients who are struggling with cooking healthy good tasting meals with guaranteed results and at a low cost.  I found it and would like to share it with you!
The food has no preservative and it taste good!  I got to sample the food myself plus they off 100% money back guarantee.  Since their food is designed as a solution for personal trainer's clients, the meals are all portioned out and all you have to do is microwave it 90sec.  The meals are basically higher protein, vegetable, nuts with no carbs except your veggies...that way it guarantees you fast results with no prep time cooking meats.  You don't have to spend your Sunday cooking your meat for the week.  The best thing is it can be as low as only $10.50 per day for 5 meals (3 meals plus 2 snacks).  The servings are good size because there are no pasta, rice, get bigger portions of meat and veggies.
I don't know about you, but I am sure you spend more on bad fast foods!
Other systems like nutrisystem and Jenny Craig taste bad, cost more, less food per pound and are processed carbs!
meal movement
I have negotiated a coupon code for all of my clients to try this for a limited time.  If you are ordering  use my name as trainer and enter in caps coupon code STAFIT for $20.00 off.
I really would like you all to get awesome results and if you are struggling with your food, here is an easy way to get results.  If you have any question and would like me to help you with this please call me.  I can help you select foods and order for you. If you are not a member or client but subscriber to my newsletter you can receive this offer as well.

If you are interested in quick starting your weight loss and fitness please contact me!  Special boot camp rates available when purchase your meal!

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