Friday, September 2, 2011

New 6 Week Outdoor Running Boot Camp for novice to intermediate runners.

   New 6 Week Outdoor Running Boot Camp for novice to intermediate runners.

12 sessions in 6 weeks in duration. We meet Mon. and Thurs. 6:30 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. Each run is a little different. We may do hill training one day, a slow tempo run on another, or play The Amazing Race on another. Running Boot Camp is FUN!

Truly, all ages, shapes, fitness levels and abilities are in Running Boot Camp. This is a very motivational running group! We are heavy on camaraderie, and very light on competition.

Mandatory Pre-Assessment and Informational Clinic will be Saturday October1st at 9am at the World of Gymnastics.

Workout Session starts on Oct. 3rd - Nov. 17th.
* The end of the session we will do a 5K TEAM RUN Detail of the race TBA.

What is Running Boot Camp?

Running Boot Camp is an outdoor running program for co-ed groups offering world-class running instruction & motivational techniques. This program is packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness and running goals quickly! No matter what your age, size or fitness level, you can achieve great results. The only requirement is that you must be able to run 1-mile without stopping to walk. The speed of the mile doesn’t matter. We will run on Monday & Thursday Evenings . Running Boot Camp will run concurrently with Fit Body Boot Camp. The goal here is to learn how to run more efficiently, increase your speed and have fun doing it!

This running program is unlike any other. There is NO COMPETITION. You will feel motivated and empowered! There are 5 different running terrains that we utilize from week to week throughout the Woodstock/Canton Area.

Why Running Boot Camp?

* Learn proper form & breathing techniques
* Increase speed, efficiency & endurance
* Increase muscular strength
* Conquer fears of running
* Personal coaching
* Camaraderie & accountability
* Learn Myofascial Release Techniques (Foam Rolling)
* Learn injury prevention techniques
* Strengthen legs & core
* 2-5% body fat reduction
* 5-12 lbs. of body weight loss

5 Different Running Terrains/Locations:
We run/train on different types of terrain to promote muscular joint support.

* High School & Collegiate Track Surfaces
* Gravel/Granite
* Concrete
* Asphalt
* Grass

Daily Workouts

* Hill Training / Stair Workouts
* Slow Tempo Runs
* Running Games / Fun Runs
* Leg Strengthening Workouts
* Endurance Work
* Muscular Strengthening & Interval Training for Speed
* Stamina Building

Assessment day

Assessments are designed to establish a baseline of your timed mile run and track improvements! We will test your mile run the first and last week of your session. It doesn’t matter where you start - the key here is progress! If you come to all of your scheduled classes and commit to your goals you will show significant progress at the end of your session! Most participants take anywhere from 30 seconds to even 3 minutes off their time.

What You Will Need:
Yoga Mat (when needed)
Good Running Shoes
Water Bottle & Towel
Positive Attitude

Suggestions: Polar Heart rate monitor - track heart rate training zones for intensity. There are different styles and cost varies depending on features. If you are trying to lose weight also I would purchase the calorie tracker feature as well.

Foam roller -Flexibility and self myofasical release to prevent running injuries.

Cost: 2 workouts a week for 6 Weeks
12 Running Workouts and Seminar for $199 (recommended for maximum results)
Special promotional rate $144.00 ( $12.00 per session) through Sept.22nd

If you are a current boot camper and would like to add this 6 week class in addition to current morning boot camp special rate of only $75.00($7.90 per session). Must continue morning boot camp program payment in order to qualify for this discount. Ask about family member discounts.

Be the runner you have always wanted to be!

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