Sunday, March 27, 2011

Couples Exercise Makes the Heart Grow Fonder and Stronger

Fit Body Boot Camp of Woodstock Draws Couples to 6am Workouts

Michelle & Steven     Shannon & Steve

George & Lyshia

Pilar & Todd

 Couples Exercise Makes the Heart Grow Fonder and Stronger

Fitness experts tout the benefits of having an “exercise buddy” to keep you motivated and to hold you accountable to your fitness regimen, which in turn helps you reach and maintain your exercise and diet goals.

Fit Body Boot Camp members are taking that one step (or jumping jack) further, enlisting their spouses as their buddies. After all, it's easier to commit to 6 a.m. Boot Camp if your significant other isn't still snoring in the bed!

In 2010, Michelle and Steven Dodd of Woodstock were the first couple to make the commitment to attend the pre-dawn class together. “Woodstock Fit Body Boot Camp has not only invigorated our bodies, but also our marriage!” says Michelle. “Spending quality time together as a couple every morning in a healthy, positive way makes every day a great day.”

As with most long-term participants, Michelle and Steven have noticed positive changes with regard to losing weight and inches, but also have found that they feel more energetic throughout the day and are stronger overall. “We encourage more couples to join us each day at Fit Body Boot Camp and get the great results that we have in our bodies and in our relationship as husband and wife,” Michelle says.

Pilar and Todd Neal of Ball Ground joined the class in December, 2010, after Pilar learned about the benefits of Boot Camp from colleagues in Cartersville. “We both knew we were drifting off-track,” Pilar says. “We needed some outside motivation to help us reach our goals of better health and fitness.”

They had discussed working out together, “butI couldn't see Todd doing a yoga class with me,” Pilar says. She researched boot camp classes online and found Fit Body Boot Camp with Stacy Ward in Woodstock. Since the class is indoors, weather is not a deterrent, so the couple was able to begin immediately.

“Fit Body Boot Camp not only offered us a great workout opportunity and access to a personal trainer and customized nutrition plan, but five days a week we have a standing 'date' at 6 a.m,” she says.  “With today's busy lifestyles, how many couples can say that?”

Shannon Fannin has been attending Fit Body Boot Camp since October and has made a commitment to attending the 6 a.m. class. The combination of meeting the folks with whom Shannon works out each morning and seeing how much she enjoys it prompted Steve to try the class with her in February. He has since made the commitment to joining Shannon when his work schedule permits, and they have begun to support each other with their diet as well.

George and Lyshia Valdez of Woodstock only recently joined the group, following a visit to the doctor for their annual physical exams. “My wife and I had put more focus into having good careers and raising good children,” George says. “We found out we had been neglecting the most important people in our lives, and that was us!”

Lyshia saw an ad for Fit Body Boot Camp in Woodstock and joined immediately. “Within a week I saw changes in both her appearance and – more importantly – her spirit,” George says. “Lyshia would come home after every workout and couldn't stop talking about the fun she was having, and about how everyone was so supportive at Boot Camp.”

Lyshia's excitement about the program rubbed off, and George joined just three weeks later. “I'm a man and we're stubborn to the bone, but after my first day, I was hooked!” he says. “I didn't have to prove that I was some sort of gym work-out, tough, strong muscle-building 'man's man.' Everyone had the same goal – to lose weight, feel good about yourself and get healthy.”

As with the other Boot Camp couples, George and Lyshia recognize the positive effect working out together has on their relationship. “Both of us working out together, giving high-fives and pushing each other not only makes us stronger but also makes our relationship stronger because it shows support, accountability and best of all, love,” George says.  “It shows my wife that I love her and the family enough to get off my rear and take some time from my day to make sure I'm healthy enough (to) live a longer, healthier life.”

Sta-Fit/Fit Body Boot Camp owner/trainer Stacy Ward is encouraged by the growing trend of couples working out together. “Exercise success is greater when you have support from family and friends,” she says. “These couples have decided to support each other in making positive changes in their life together. It strengthens your bond because you are engaging in an activity together. You also become more attractive to your significant other at the same time, and build positive self-esteem together.”

Muscles and overall health aren't the only things these couples are building, Stacy says. “The old saying, 'The couples that play together, stay together,' rings true for these couples,” she says. “They are not only strengthening their bodies, but also their love for each other. Priceless!”

Fit Body Boot Camp meets Monday through Friday at 6 a.m. and Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 9:15 a.m. inside the World of Gymnastics/World of Cheer building at 104 Victoria North Court, off Bells Ferry Road in Woodstock. Call 678-881-9881 or visit for information.

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