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Uncover A Healthier Mind,Body, and Spirit in 12 Weeks

Uncover the New You In 90Days

Beginning the journey….

Starting this journey, we must set some baselines of where you are and where you would like this journey to take you. A vision of how you want to see yourself, how you want to feel, and want you want to change.
The truth is we all know what to do. We need to move our bodies more, we know we need to drink more water, we know we should eat more fruits and vegetables, we need more sleep, we know, we know, we know…Yet three to four weeks after we start that diet or join the gym, something triggers us to begin to self-sabotaging- and within a few more weeks, we’re back to our old patterns. We feel defeated, frustrated, and soon self-punishing begins.

Why is it that only a small percentage of people can stick to a healthy lifestyle? What is that ever-elusive secret to success? And how do we keep it up for a lifetime?
After working with many clients over the years, I’ve discovered that although we must nourish ourselves with the right balance of healthy foods and exercise to look and feel fantastic, until we transform ourselves from within, diets and exercise are futile. We may lose weight, but our problems will just manifest themselves in another way. Therefore, your focus can’t be just about your body. For the most part weight loss and significant weight gain aren’t about weight: they are about something going on much deeper. The body is merely just a messenger, sending us warning signs when we’re disconnected- and weight gain is just one of them. A heart attack is an extreme warning that things aren’t working properly but small yet significant signs will tell you when something in your life is out of balance, if you will listen...

Your Body

Your body is your vehicle for being. In others words, it’s like the ship that sails on this “ocean” we call life. Your body allows your soul- or captain of your ship- to float and flow in this physical world.
A healthy body- or an unsinkable ship- is the most important thing you’ve got, yet sadly, it’s not until we face a serious health scare that we realize it. Frantically, we then try to undo the damage we’ve haphazardly and unnecessarily done to ourselves!
Christopher Reeves-superman- remarked in one of his last interviews that so many able bodied people live more paralyzed lives than he. How frustrating it must be to those who are faced with life-threatening health condition or those living undernourished country to watch so many of us totally disrespect our bodies!
The fact remains that your body is your temple and must be treated with love, honor, and respect. Thinkof building your temple from the bottom up, like a pyramid. If the foundation isn’t strong, you can’t build a stable structure. The bricks and mortar are made from the nutrients you put into it, while exercise reinforces the integrity of the structure. You need to make sure that; your body thus getting the correct balance of foods, in the right combo. and amounts.
Our brain, for example, is composed of 50% Essential Fatty Acids (EPA’s). When given the right nutrients and plenty of oxygen (from exercising), your brain’s “circuits” work effectively: Hormones are excreted in the correct amounts. Serotonin (your feel good hormones) is released and then absorbed into your receptor sites. We feel stable, balanced, and content. Yet, if we don’t eat foods high enough in these EFA’s daily, our brain begins to short circuit and soon we feel depressed, foggy, and lethargic. We then blame it on life, when in reality “our computer” has become bogged down and is desperate to be “defragmented”.
Our bodies need to have a perfect formula for optimal health-weight gain, irritable bowels, skin breakouts, heartburn, allergies, and headaches are just a few signals that we’re of balance. And heart disease, diabetes, and cancer- which are all on the rise in North America-are extreme warning signs that the body isn’t being nourished properly.

You’re Mind-

Your mind is merely the navigational tool for your spirit (your captain), who’s sailing the ship. Your mind was never intended to direct your life, yet for most of us that’s exactly what governs our choices and behaviors (and as we all know, our mind can be our greatest ally or our worst enemy. For most it is the later!
On this journey, you will come to understand and get better control over your thoughts. You’ll learn to silence that negative voice inside our head so that you can start to hear the whispers of your spirit again. You’ll learn how to identify self-defeating patterns raise your emotional baseline, and alter your self-limiting core beliefs.
Core beliefs are different from logical beliefs. After all how often do you logically know the right answer or give great advice to others, but can’t follow it yourself?
Core beliefs are your deepest, trusts views about yourself and life. They’re the number one indicator of your success, since your choices will always support your core beliefs not your logical beliefs.
For example, if you believe that exercising is hard, it will be... and even if you began to enjoy an exercise program, you’d end up quitting it...If You believe you will never lose weight, you won’t...not permanently! As silly as it sounds, your mind would rather be right than happy. You might not consciously realize it, but when you don’t truly believe that you’ll succeed, you’re defeated before you start. When many of us begin to see success happening, we sabotage it because it doesn’t line up with what our brain believes will inevitably happen. In other words, we ruin it before we can fail.
It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy: one that most people aren’t even aware they’re making! Perhaps you too truly believe that you’re like that helpless ship, being tossed around in the stormy seas and have no control over your destiny. You must know that it’s not true. Granted you can’t change the size of the ocean waves or the way the wind blows, but you can change the way you set your sails.
So what are your core beliefs? What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about life?
Do you believe that you’re a beautiful, fit, strong, sexy, intelligent, spiritual, grounded, successful, kind, loving, insightful, inspired, and worthy woman or man?
If you want to know what your core beliefs are, all you have to do is look at the circumstances of your life today. It’s that simple. Simply look at what is showing up for you and that will tell you exactly what you believe.

Your core beliefs developed from the time you were little based on what you heard and saw from your parents, siblings, extended family, and teachers. They are primarily driven, however, from the messages you learned about being a woman from your mother or being a man from your father. You either rebelled or embraced their role, and you created a whole slew of beliefs based on your experiences(which is why they are never true)- they’re only perceptions of truth) You learned about men from watching your dad. You learned about money, intimacy, relationships, parenting, and even how to handle stressful situations or deal with confrontations from seeing what your parents did.
So, if your present circumstances aren’t what you want (this is why wanting isn’t enough), then it is time to do the work of shining light on your core beliefs and then rewriting your life script. Until you are honest with yourself, without judgment, or shame, you will continue to set yourself up to get exactly what you believe you’re worthy of.

Recognizing your “emotional baseline” is also a critical component to changing your self-defeating patterns.
Patterns that develop in our early years as we lean certain behaviors from our parents. Unknowingly, most of us re-create the same emotional atmosphere in which we grew up. We always regress to our learned behaviors during a crisis, and it is at these times that one can best judge a person.
Unsuccessful people lose focus, allowing negative emotions to take over, convincing themselves they didn’t really want it in the first place. They often don’t even realize that they’re self-sabotaging. I see this all the time with clients.
In addition, our body is designed to regulate all our systems with a certain zone. This is called homeostasis. And although we often think of this from a physiological perspective- for example- the way our body tries to maintain a constant blood sugar level- it also seeks to maintain an emotional homeostasis. If you grew up in an angry home with your emotions’ marinating” in anger, your body’s emotional baseline would be that of anger. In other words, over time your body would become addicted or comfortable with anger and dysfunction and as an adult your system would want to re-create that same emotional atmosphere even though your logical mind knows it’s not healthy.
Your past will predict your future unless you can change your self-limiting core beliefs and shift your emotional baseline to a higher, happier level.

Your soul or spirit-

Your soul is the mastermind of your life. It is inspired, joyous, accepting, passionate, courageous, and willing. It believes in you. It believes in life. It knows that what is will always find a way and that fighting what is is futile. It believes in your dreams, and it never gives up on you. Your soul is your gut instinct- your intuition. It is the gentle nudge you fell when something resonates as truth.
Your soul will be with you long after your boat has sunk and your navigational tools have rusted away. It is the true essence of who you are. It was created in love, sees the endless possibilities for your life, and always guides you with perfect precision. It is you’re most trusted and worthy advisor. All you have to do is allow it...

Sadly, few of us do. Instead we get in the way. We stop listening. We stop allowing. And soon we begin to believe all the negative messages we’ve heard over our lifetime. We let our mind take over. We become afraid, and that fear immobilizes us, so we try to numb from it...escape it...Addictions. Eating disorders, bad habits, and depression begin to manifest.
We feel inadequate. We feel unsure. We stop trusting. What’s more, we’re not sure that we can trust ourselves. We’re not sure that we will make the best choices for our own lives- for our own bodies, health, joy, passion, and needs-let alone anyone else’s.

The truth is that we’re taught to override our own instincts from the time we’re little. We are taught to disregard our own innate wisdom, especially when it comes to anyone in authority: Teachers, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, even Corporate America and tell us what to do, how we should look and feel, and what to change about ourselves so that we’ll be happier. We listen without questioning, almost like sheep. Then one day, maybe 20,30,40,50 years later, we wake up, look in mirror, and barely recognize that person staring back. How did we lose ourselves? Why is our body failing us? Where did those dreams for our lives go? And who will save us??
Nuture yourself with life instead of food .

These 12 weeks are about finding the secrets within what is right for you and creating harmony of living, loving, moving, eating, giving and receiving that is unique to you.

It takes time and effort to travel deep. You must face your fears, discover your truths and learn to listen to your body. No matter what pace you’ll make substantial progress, only to be thrown a curveball that might temporarily set you back...Let the setbacks empower you instead of cripple you to move forward with resolution, and persistence... this will require patience, focus, and effort. It is the small and often seemingly insignificant daily decisions that will have the most impact on your future…So don’t think letting things slide is okay…it does add up..
Too many people say they want to achieve success, but don’t stay focused long enough to accomplish it.

They are great on the good days, but they give in on the hard days.
Yet if you were to spend a week with most successful person you know, you’d discover that it’s not that they necessarily work harder than average person:
  • It’s that they’re consistently focused on their objective.
  • Each day they do small significant things that will bring them success...
  • Their focus and daily choices determine where their lives are headed.
  • They don’t hope everything will work out-they stay focused until it does.
  • They always have a plan B.
We all know that plan is the diet we’re supposed to follow and are when everything is running smoothly in our lives. Plan A is exercising every day, eating perfectly, loving our lives, and having willpower. But what happens when Plan A fails...You need a Plan B...

Challenge is a part of all success, but it’s up to you to develop staying power and accountability for your reactions when challenged. Since you’re probably overwhelmed with life, the last thing you needed is a confusing, belittling program that leaves you feeling even worse about yourself when it fails.
Decide what you want. Form a plan of action. And stay focused until you achieve it...

Each week I will focus on different topic for self journey...

Get started with your journal today!

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