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Last week we focused on becoming aware of yourself and what you eat-discoveries that will be extremely important for you. One day you’ll suddenly be conscious that you're listening intuitively to your body’s needs and at that point, food will become a pleasure and will no longer control or threaten you.


You may feel that you have no idea what your passion is or even how to find it. Have you ever heard the saying” you can’t see the forest for the trees”? well, many of us have wandered down a path that led us so deep into the forest that we felt lost and unsure. We’ve completely lost our bearings and don’t even know where we are anymore.

Passion isn’t to be confused with obsession or unbridled intensity, nor is it about sexuality. To live with passion is to “move to the beat of your own drum”- to face fear and do it anyway!

Discovering and following your own way can feel frightening; and you may feel guilty, afraid, or even too proud to admit that you are on the wrong path. Fear holds most of us back- but conquering it appears harder than it actually is. Simply facing what frightens you is the biggest step. The alternative is to live a life not fully lived, leaving you feeling stuck. Helpless, waiting, and wondering. I’ll often tell my clients to fake it till you make it”. Imagine someone you admire and ask yourself what choice she or he’d make in your same situation.

I want you to get out your journal . Relax in quiet spot without distractions( no phone, t.v, computer, etc..) the first thing I want you to think about is how you want to feel.. Scan over words and write down whichever ones intrigue you. Without judgement or justification, simply notice the words that most inspire , soothe, fascinate, or excite you:

Abundance, acceptance, accomplishment, achievement, acknowledgment, adoration, adventure, affluence, ambition, appreciation, ability, assertiveness, attractiveness, awareness,balance, beauty, belonging, bliss, boldness, bravery ,brilliance, calmness, celebrity, charm, cheerful , cleanliness, clear-mindedness, cleverness, closeness, comfort, commitment, compassion,confidence, connection, consciousness, consistency,contentment, contribution, conviction, coolness,
courage, creativity, curiosity, daring, dependable
desire, determination, devotion, devoutness, dignity, directness, discipline, discovery, diversity, dreaming, dynamism, eagerness, ecstasy, education, effectiveness, efficiency, elation,elegance, eloquence,empathy,encouragement, endurance, energy, enjoyment, entertainment,enthusiasm, excellence, excitement, exhilaration,experience, expertise, exploration, expressiveness,extravagance, faith, fame, family, fashion, fearlessness, feistiness, ferocity, fidelity, fierceness, financial independence, firmness, fitness, flexibility,focus, fortitude, frankness, freedom, fun, generosity, gentility, giving, grace,gratitude, gregariousness, growth, harmony, health, heart, helpfulness, heroism, holiness, honesty, honor, hopefulness, humility, Imagination, independence, ingenuity,, insightfulness, inspiration, integrity, intelligence,intensity, intimacy, intuition, intuitiveness,Inventiveness, joy, justice, keenness, kindness,knowledge, leadership,learning, liberation,liveliness, logic, longevity, love, loyalty,making a difference, mastery, maturity, mindfulness,modesty, motivation, mysteriousness, neatness, open-mindedness, optimism, order, organization, originality, outlandishness, passion, peace, perceptiveness, perfection, perkiness, perseverance, persistence,persuasiveness,philanthropy,piety,playfulness,pleasure,poise,
productivity,professionalism, prosperity,prudence, punctuality, purity, realism, reason,reasonableness, recognition, recreation, refinement, reflection, relaxation, reliability, resilience, resolution, resolve, resourcefulness, respect, rest, restraint, reverence, richness,, sacrifice, sagacity, saintliness, satisfaction, security, self-control, selflessness, self-reliance, sensuality, serenity, service, sharing, shrewdness, significance, silence,stillness,simplicity, sincerity, skillfulness, solidarity, speed, spirit, spirituality, spontaneity, spunk, stability, stillness, strength, success, support,temperance, thankfulness, thoroughness, timeliness, tranquility, transcend'valor, victory vigor,virtue, vision, vitality, vivacity, warmth, watchfulness,wealth, willingness, winning, wisdom, wittiness,wonder, youthfulness, zeal.

As you look over the words, say out loud, I want to feel_______ and say each word in your list to see if your body speaks back to you. Ask yourself , Does that really light me up? Is that specific emotion really important to me? And compare and narrow it down to top 10 words - these words should be the ones that most captivate you.

Remember it is not how you are going to get there but why you want to get there that is more important and how you want to feel.

Why do you want to lose weight? Etc.. Once you discover how you want to feel, it makes figuring out what choices you need to make that much easier!

Deeper questions to think about:

When you think back over your adult life when were you the happiest?
What made you feel great about yourself when you were a kid?
What hobbies or activities did you love?
When do you feel true joy?
Will getting in shape make you happier? Why haven’t you done it before now?
Why do you want to be in better shape?
What are you most afraid of in life? What has that fear cost you?

These are your burning desires and could include things such as: "I want to feel sexy and confident. I want more energy or to feel proud of myself. I want security and well-being. I want to live a long and healthy life," and so on,burning desires are different from your goals-they're why you want to accomplish something, so they strengthen the intensity of your focus.
These burning desires must be written down. Once you've done so, make a photocopy of your list tape it up where you'll see it every day, such as beside the toilet paper holder or on your bathroom mirror. Read it daily, or anytime you're feeling discouraged or disheartened.

Things always seem harder without purpose. It's a strong, burning desire gives us the drive to succeed.
Having a goal helps you create an effective plan of action because it just the right amount of pressure needed to actually accomplish the aim! Goal setting requires thought, keeps you on track,you stay focused. Although life is full of unexpected,without direction you'll simply coast along, wondering what you should be doing.
Goal setting is vitally important to setting your life In motion and getting the ball moving! Your goals for the next 12 weeks should be challenging


Summary of Week Two: Passion


• Choose natural, "dark-colored" fibrous fruits and vegetables such as berries and salads; and avoid white colored" carbohydrates such as white potatoes, white bread, white rice, white sugar, and white pasta.
• Try to eat three healthy meals and two snacks every day.
• Start tightening and toning your muscles with your boot camp workouts

• Create your list of Burning Desires and your Self-
Proclaiming Declaration, and refuse to bring attention
to your weaknesses.

• Discover your path. Begin by figuring what revs you
up, without judgment or justification. You don't need
to know how you're going to get there yet. First you
need to know where there is....

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