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This week is about Awareness

It is important for this to work that you write down in a journal your discoveries...

Step 1 Figure out what you crave

Many clients complain to me that they eat well and or exercise but still can’t seem to lose their bulge. Haven’t we all know those who exercise for hours or who’s constantly on diet and never looks any different...It’s not about working hard, it about working smart. Understand what your body needs to excel at optimal levels. In order to discover the right formula for your body, you must become conscious of your current eating habits and coping skills. Are there certain times of day when you fell tired, or there types of food you always seem to crave? By answering the following questions you may be able to identify some of your food weakness and start making healthy changes in your diet.

1. When you go to movies , you prefer

a. Candy, chocolate, or popcorn
b. Nuts or beef jerky
c. An alcoholic drink before or after movies

2. A late-night treat might include

a. Cookies, chocolate, cake, ice cream, cereal, french fries,crackers
b. Chicken wings, cheese, cold cuts, yogurt, or nuts
c. A nightcap glass of wine

3. If you rushed into the house hungry and grabbed something quick, you’d pick

a. Apiece of fruit, glass of juice, a soda , cookie, candy bar, bread, muffin,some chip
b. Cheese, meat, yogurt, or peanuts
c. A beer or glass of wine

4. Your favorite part of a traditional thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is the

a. Cakes, pies, potatoes, pasta, yams, or stuffing
b. Turkey, ham, roast beef, or gravy
c. Toasts you make with the family or friends

5. Which would be the hardest for you to give up completely for one month?

a. Comfort foods such as ice cream, cake, chocolate, soda, fruit, pasta, bread, potatoes, cereal, or chips
b. Seafood, red meat, pork, poultry, eggs, cheese, or luncheon meat
c. Alcohol

If you predominantly answered (a) you crave carbohydrates. Although vegetables, and fruits should be the staple of a healthy diet since that is where we get all our vitamins and fiber. Too many of us are eating an exorbitant amount of carbohydrates, with far too much coming from refined sugars. Refined sugars, such add those in candy, soda chocolate, sauces, dressings, condiments, and cookies and are easily stored as fat: similarly, white bread, white rice, and white potatoes are high in starch and are also easily stored as fat. The appetites even if the product is labeled no or low fat... the are more people eating fat free foods and gaining weight –than ever before because they tend to overeat them thin king they are healthy.
If you answered (b) mostly you crave protein. It is essential and it speeds the metabolism and has little effect on insulin production. It is the building blocks of lean toned muscles... Although protein isn’t easily stored as fat, the saturated fat in many dark meats and mil products is. Here no or low fat is vital choices.
If you answered mostly( c). you crave alcohol. Alcohol slows your metabolism and is a depressant. It has nearly 2 x amounts of calories of carbs and protein –one glass of wine a day will put on extra 10lbs per year! Alcohol increases risk for cancer especially breast cancer in women. It is also dehydrating-it can make your eyes, face, and hands appear puffy and give your skin a bumpy fat like cellulite on skin. It also lowers will power and can sabotage your good eating habits

Ste p 2 Become aware of your eating patterns

The key to becoming healthier understands your relationship you have with yourself. Before you can manifest positive changes, you must first figure out where you are right now and how you got there. Self awareness…and it the first step towards discovering if food plays more of a role in your life than to feed your hungry tummy.
Here are some questions to help you think about awareness

• Do you eat breakfast daily?
• Do you eat within two to three hours of bedtime?
• How long to you go between meals?
• Do you eat foods simply out of habit?
• Do you crave junk food at certain times of the day?
• Do you feel that specific foods go hand in hand with certain events, such as movies and popcorn, beer and baseball games?
• Are you an emotional eater?
• Do you eat out of boredom?
• Does food provide you comfort when you’re upset or stressed?
• Do you feel tired a lot, especially by 2 or 3 in afternoon?
• Do you have bowel movement daily without aids?
• Do you take heartburn meds such as Tums?
• Do you feel bloated by the time evening comes?
• Do you have PMS?
• Does alcohol make the good times better and bad times better?
Now think back to your childhood or teen years and look at your family. See if your choices now simply continue those patterns and support those beliefs:
• Was dinner a celebration, a time to come together each night around table, where you bonded with your family and ate healthy meals?
• Was it first-come, first served land could you eat whatever you wanted
• What was the emotional atmosphere like in your home as a child?
• How did your parents comfort themselves when they were upset or stressed out? How did they comfort you? How did you comfort yourself?
• Was fast food a staple of your diet?
• Did you learn poor eating habits from your family?
• Did your parents exercise? Where they in shape?
• What do you remember being told about your body?
• Was your family overweight?
• Did you eat out of boredom?
• When did you struggle with your weight or body image and what was happening in your life
• Did you have a rough childhood or teenage life

Please don’t get me wrong here... I don’t want to suggest that every person out there who has body fat to lose has deep emotional issues, or that anyone who eats a bowl of ice cream or glass of wine is repressed or on a verge of a breakdown. Sometimes you wake up and feel rotten for no particular reason, be it lack of sleep, PMS, a virus, or extra workload. You just need to accept that you periodically feel blue-it isn’t a life shattering event. A hot cup of coffee and chocolate bar can occasionally work wonders, and even a super sized hamburger meal or banana split isn’t the end of the world, but I want you to consider the possibility that food may play more of a role in your life than you realized...

Ask yourself

• Do you eat when you really need sleep?
• Is it harder to stay on track at night when you’re tired and physically drained? Do you binge when you’re on your period or ovulating?
• Do you feel a lack of self restraint when faced with a decadent meal?
• Are you an all or nothing kind of person- that is strict on your diet , then after one night of too many food or alcohol, you give up completely?
• If you love the taste of something, do you continue eating it after you are full?
• Do you listen to your body’s true desires?
• How do you feel an hour after eating too much or when you’ve gone too long without meal?
• Do you feel you deserve a treat after you have been good?
• Are you bored and feel you are in a rut?
• Are you pursuing your dreams

Whenever you feel as though something outside of yourself has a hold over you, you’re oppressed by it? Too often your sense of power with statements such as I can’t live without it. The realization and acceptance that you can and will live as long as you have yourself... is empowering...In retrospect, temporary abstinence from anything is actually liberating, even though it’s tough at the time. You’ll discover how strong you really are. The thing you thought you couldn’t live without is now an occasional want, not a need. Once you relinquish any dependency-whether on chocolate, mashed potatoes, wine, you can begin to truly enjoy it..
Step 3 Eliminate sugar

What you eat, how much you eat, is even more important for weight loss success. Some foods speed up your metabolism and help you burn body fat, while others will impede your success. This week we will focus on carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are all sugars…fruits, vegetables, cookies, granola bars, cereals...Even foods we think of as protein of fats are actually loaded with sugar..Beans, lentils are high in carbohydrates, as are ice cream, milk, yogurt, and salad dressing. Be aware of what percentage is from carbs. Most people who struggle with weight are eating 80% carbs….When eating high glycemic foods you will experience a surge in blood sugar...your body wants to maintain homestasis, so it send s out hormone insulin to remove sugar from bloodstream and stores it in your cells, then you dip, and body sends out signal to eat again….Hunger pains, headache, cravings, fatigue, depression sets in…As these dips in our blood sugar go up and down so does our moods and behavior.. Sugar is a powerful drug...It is similar to nicotine cravings... Once you get off roller coaster, you won’t want them as much...but it takes time and a little willpower...

Step 4 Eat breakfast

It is the most important meal of the day. Studies show those who lose weight and keep it off successfully eat breakfast daily, as this meal elevates the metabolism and helps burn body fat. If you try to restrict calories by not eating breakfast, you will slow your metabolic rate... When you miss meals and don’t exercise, it’s like you’re throwing big wet log on the campfire, The secret to eat the right foods first thing in am...are eating those that crank your metabolism…are low in sugar and saturated fat and high in protein, vitamins, and fiber..

Step 5 Drink water

Research shows that not drinking enough water may increase fat deposits because the liver can’t function properly... Water will fill stomach, making you less hungry, it will improve complexion, flush toxins and help you metabolize food better.

Step 6 Exercise

Try to go for a minimum of 3x per week...Exercise first thing in morning is the best for raise metabolic rate...Try to exercise on empty stomach or just something really light...You may have to get up a little earlier but the benefits outweigh sleeping in…Exercise is a nature’s prozac..3 x per week has been showed to help mild depression and was just as effective as other mood altering disorders as taking antidepressants...Moving your body will have profound effect on your temperament...You are 99 percent more likely to miss a workout if you plan to do it later…



Go for 3 xs per week exercise sessions, preferably in the morning...
Focus on eliminating sugar
Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily


Use a journal to become aware of your eating patterns to figure out what you craze

Look back to when you first started gaining weight...what was going on in your life?


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