Thursday, December 9, 2010

4 Great Tips To Prevent Overeating At Any Meal

4 Great Tips To Prevent Overeating At Any Meal

These tips were from my partners at Prograde that I thought were interesting and wanted to pass it on to you...

we talk a lot about eating the proper nutrients

Eating more protein…

Eating much less processed carbs…
Staying away from sugar…

And all those things are important. But these 4 tips are really, really simple and very, very powerful.

Eating fewer calories is going to go a long way in helping you keep the fat off.

I especially love tip #4. Thanks again, Stefanie from the Prograde community!

Stefanie’s tips to avoid overeating:

1) drink a full glass of water before your meal
2) serve yourself on a side plate instead of dinner plate to control portions
3) wait 20 minutes before getting seconds.
4) use a blue colored plate (blue decreases appetite, red and yellow increase it)

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