Saturday, September 18, 2010

Woodstock's Fit Body Bootcamper Shares Her Story

I have been a “Couch Potato” almost my entire life. Being a designer and living in a big city with my laidback personality, exercising was just not my thing…But during the last couple years, my weight has risen above healthy guidelines and my cholesterol has gone up above normal. Even when I tried eating pretty healthy diet, things were not changing much… The idea of exercising had been brought to me by my family and doctor. I tried to work on an elliptical and the bow flex in my home. But it was just a chore, a duty and responsibility…May this year, I decided to give Stacy’s Fitness Boot camp a try, partly out of curiosity, partly I was looking for something that might break through the chore concept – AND, it did! After just two weeks of camp, I decided that I love this program and I am going to stay with it!
Let’s be honest, it was not easy when I first started (still not), I told Stacy and the rest of our team that my entire body hurt so much that even my hair was hurting… Stacy keeps encouraging me and keeps pushing me as far as I can go. She provides great advice on my diet and my workout routines even outside of class. Each class was a blast to me: the bouncy gym floor, the energetic music and the artistically chosen workout combinations… The classes have slowly changed my posture, my body tone (I could do “ZERO” push up before I join the camp, now I can do almost 15 before I fall on my face). My back, arms and legs are much stronger and my energy level has been boosted. Whenever I feel down, I come to the camp and workout. Exercising is not a chore anymore, it is therapy to my body and mind.
During the classes, I have met different types of team members, some are not as strong like me, some are athletic like Stacy. We have different motivations for coming to work out together. But we have the same goal: to be healthy and stronger. We sweat together, we laugh together, we encourage each other and share great ideas. We are a team and we are friends. Stacy carries a great leadership in her, she works with us, she pushes us, she teases us, she laughs with us, but she NEVER lets us slowdown! …
By working out with this great group of people and Stacy, I have learned that staying healthy and strong is not a short term solution, goal, or just a responsibility; it is a type of life style we are choosing to live. When you are healthy and stronger, you have better attitude towards life and life will be good back to you. Stacy’s Fitness bootcamp has helped me to shift my life style to a higher level. I am proud to be part of it and I am committed to this life style!

Yan Hughes
Designer / Owner of 5E Web Design Studio

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