Friday, September 3, 2010

My Bootcamp Experience & My New Attitude

In August of 2009 I signed up for Stacy Ward's Fit
Body Boot Camp. I have no idea why. Yes, I was
over weight but I had been for years and yes, I was
out of shape but I always had been. Exercise for me
consisted of shopping, cleaning and occasional
Once again, I was ready to try and do something that
would help me lose my extra weight and become
physically fit. I was excited and hopeful to try this.
Previously I had joined gyms, exercised in water and
even hired a personal trainer and none of these
endeavors worked for me. After a few weeks or
months I would quit. Upon quitting I would tell
myself various lies such as "it doesn't really
matter" , "I look alright" , "I can't afford it" , or
"it takes up too much time."
My first week of boot camp was humbling. After the
third day, I came home and cried. No longer could I
escape the fact that I had used and abused my body
for several years. The warm ups alone wore me out
and after one session felt sick, I Spiritually recognized
that I had not been a good steward of the
body God gave me and that became my motivation
to continue.
Continuing was a challenge. I became aware of how
uncomfortable I was moving my body. All the jiggling
and bouncing of flesh embarrassed me. My inability
to complete or even do some of the exercises
embarrassed me. How I looked embarrassed me.
But I continued to remember why I was doing this;
To honor God, not myself.
My eating became more intentional and appropriate.
I needed food to keep me fueled not to medicate
me, soothe me or fill me up. I continued to battle
the negative self talk in my head that went
something like this; "You can't do this", "You are
not an athlete", "You look ridiculous" or my all time
favorite "This is too hard." I had to seriously and
deliberately change my thinking. A friend gave me
this advice, "the body will do whatever the mind
tells it to do." I recited this often in class.
Fit Body Boot Camp, along with Stacy's online
counseling and food log has facilitated me in losing
35 pounds thus far. More importantly, my workouts
at boot camp enabled me to go on a weeklong
mission trip in hot and humid Honduras this past
June. During this trip we mixed and laid concrete
floors, built chimneys, and walked for miles to
various home sites. I could not have been part of this
a year earlier. It would have been too physically
demanding for me. To be able to participate was a dream
come true.
The greatest benefit to me from boot camp has been
how it has reversed my thinking. I see myself as a
capable woman who is meant to continue her
personal growth so she can live the life God intended
her to live. I am very excited to see what the next
30 years bring. For that reason, I am continuing on in
boot camp and now my husband has joined. Next
month I am returning to Honduras on another mission
Additionally, boot camp has worked for me because I never
get bored. The routines are always different and I
hever know what Stacy has planned. It has also
worked because I have learned to pace myself and
not compete with anyone else in the class. If
competition motivates you, there are plenty of
opportunities in class to compete, it's just not in my
nature. I love working out in the facility we use
because the floors are cushioned and it's easy on my
joints. None of these factors were a part of -my
previous exercise attempts.
Fit Body Bootcamp meets you wherever you are;
mentally, physically or emotionally. Stacy Ward's
knowledge of exercise science and nutrition is
endless. Her commitment and excellence in what
she does is-apparent. Believe me, whether you are
an advanced athlete or a weary Mom, this program
will work for you. Stacy will work for you. The
question remains, will YOU work for yourself

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