Monday, April 26, 2010

Having Fun a Great Way to Get Fit!

When you think about the best things of childhood, among them are likely spending time with friends, playing kickball or baseball with makeshift items as bases, climbing the monkey bars and swinging on the swings, playing tag in the backyard, riding your bike for miles...

And you performed most of these activities without even thinking about it, while laughing with the friends who were doing the same things as you!

That's the way it is at FitBody Boot Camp in Woodstock. Every weekday at 6 a.m. (and Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:15 a.m.), a group gathers at World Campus to run, jump, lift weights, do push-ups and pull-ups, jump rope and more – all while laughing and enjoying themselves.

These aren't hard-bodied athletes, either. They're men and women with jobs and families who choose to start their day having fun in a way that just happens to have some beneficial effects on their overall health!

The music is loud and activities change quickly. One minute, the group is sprinting across the room; the next, they're pushing mats across the floor, tossing a ball or pulling against their own weight with a fitness tube.

Boot campers can often be heard encouraging one another - “You can do anything for thirty seconds!” - followed by high-fives and smiles while they grab a sip of water between activities.

If you're looking for more fun in your life, consider joining the FitBody Boot Camp class at World Campus and bring some of those great childhood memories back!