Sunday, February 28, 2010

Burn the Fat and Feed the Hungry Charity event for M.U.S.T Ministries

Burn the Fat and Feed the Hungry Charity Event for MUST Ministries

Fit Body Boot Camp and World of Gymnastics hosted our first annual Burn the Fat, Feed the Hungry Charity Drive event on Saturday, February 27 at the World of Gymnastics facility.

The two-hour fitness bootcamp, led by Fit Body Boot Camp-Woodstock fitness expert Stacy Ward and Eric Gurvin, collected funds and non-perishable food items to assist in stocking the pantry for MUST Ministries in Cherokee County.
The event began at 8 a.m. and participants brought in paper grocery bag filled with non-perishable food items or made a monetary donation payable to MUST Ministry.
It was exciting to see people in the community care about helping those in need. It was a fun and easy way to do something so meaningful for others while engaging in our fat burning workout.
For more ways to donated to MUST Ministries please go to their website.

I also wanted to thank all the supporters that donated their products for the raffle and event.
Publix at Rose Creek donated Water, Chic-Fil-A donated coupons, Planet Beach donated free tanning or spa services, DiLussa Salon, owners and bootcampers Connie and Amanda donated men and women's hair cuts, Maddy Moo Designer Purse, owner and bootcamper Elizabeth, donated $50.00 gift certificate, Andretti's Entertainment Center donated Vip passes to experience Race Car driving thanks to bootcamper Gemma, Bootcamper Teresa donated her handmade jewelry pieces, and World of Kids donated a One year free membership.

The winners of the raffle prizes was Bootcamper Susan Schul and Suzi Maida won the one year membership to World of Gymnastics for her son.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Truth About Restaurant Calories

The Truth About Restaurant Calories

By now it is probably clear to most consumers that eating out is not the healthiest choice. Yet all the marketing hype projected by restaurants can sound quite convincing. Restaurants and fast food chains are pitching everything from fat free, no carbs, low calories, high fiber and other specialty menu items.

Many even make specific promises about their food choices by providing nutritional information guides and even list macronutrient details right on their menus. Such details have been welcomed by millions of consumers who are watching their waistlines. Unfortunately, even if you adhere to ordering from these "healthy" menu offerings, you may still find yourself struggling to lose weight.

There may be a legitimate reason for this struggle; it's been discovered that many of these so-called healthy menus are providing misleading information. A recent Scripps Television Station investigation revealed very disheartening results. The investigation uncovered huge discrepancies.

Both restaurant chains and fast food establishments were tested in the investigation. While some food menu items matched their published nutrition details or came close, others had variances such as twice as many calories or eight times as many fat grams. Yikes! That means while you might have counted that meal you ate out last night as only 500 calories, in reality it might have been a whopping 1,000 calories!

So, if you rely on self-published macronutrients from restaurants, you may be severely sabotaging your diet. Does this mean you must cook every meal you consume, seven days a week? No! This investigation's evidence is just a reminder that YOU must always take full responsibility for understanding what is going in your mouth.

Rather than relying on caloric and fat information provided by restaurants, just stick with these tips when dining out:

Start your meal with a salad that ONLY consists of veggies. Have your salad dressing on the side and try to use only 3 to 4 spoonfuls of it on your salad.

Order your meals steamed, grilled or broiled.

Avoid items that are fried or sautéed.

When your server brings your meal to you, ask that half of it already be placed in a to-go bag. Then save that portion for another day.

Ask that side veggies be steamed with no added butter or sauces.

Choose beverages without sugar or sugar substitutes. Try water with lemon slices, unsweetened tea or caffeine free coffee.

Skip the bread bowl.

Don't order appetizers in addition to an entrée.

Share a meal with a friend.

For sandwiches, ask for whole wheat bread.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Have You Forgotten About Your Goals!

If your New Year's Resolutions made it past the first week of January, then February is often the month when your enthusiasm begins to wane and you slide back into old habits.

Have you ever wondered why?

Take a look at your goals and see if you can recognize a pattern. If you set a goal to “Lose 20 Pounds,” did you outline how you were going to achieve it? Here we are in February, and you may have lost one or two – or even five pounds. But maybe you're not so excited about the process anymore.

Unless, of course, you've been participating in the program at Fit Body Boot Camp in Woodstock.

We keep the workouts fresh and challenging – and even brought in a Kickboxing Instructor to lead one of the January workout sessions! We've learned some new exercises and welcomed new “recruits” to our classes, and we're intent on reaching our goals! We are adding new ways to keep your goals on track outside of class with our new wellness clinics and seminars. These seminars will be on a variety of health and wellness topics like nutrition, exercise, and even grocery store tours. This is an added benefit of belonging to our fitness family!

Another reason Fit Body Boot Camp works so well is our variety of exercises. You're not doing hundreds of reps of the same old exercise. After thirty seconds or a minute, you're on to the next activity that will help you lose weight, build strength and realize your goals. You can do anything for thirty seconds, right?

What are you waiting for? It's February – and your goals are waiting!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 Ingredients that Sabotage Your Weight Loss!

What you don't know could hurt you

How much thought do you put into what you eat?

If you want to get into great shape then you'll be interested to know that 80% of your fitness results are attributed to your diet.

In our fast-paced society, eating is often done with little or no thought as to what exactly it is being ingested. Excess body fat is a direct outcome of this hurried, poor nutrition. Even if you have the best intentions with your diet, you are likely frustrated and fed up with extra pounds.

I don't blame you for being confused about what you should eat. The media surely doesn't help. One day the talking heads want you to give up all fats. The next day carbs are the culprit, and then acai berries become the holy grail of weight loss.

The food manufacturers increase confusion by printing misleading labels and bogus health claims.

Sometimes it seems like the whole system is set up to confuse and frustrate us into buying the latest and greatest packaged food.

The bottom line is that your physique is largely a result of what you eat, so the foods that you put into your body should be carefully selected.

It's time to re-examine what you eat.

It all starts with reading nutritional labels. The nutritional content and ingredient list will give you everything you need to know about the quality of the food item.

I've outlined 5 ingredients that should raise a red flag when you turn over that package and find them listed:

Red Flagged Ingredient #1: High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
HFCS is a manmade sugar, derived predominantly from genetically modified corn. The sweet concoction has been shown to promote binges and hysterical hunger, and wrecks havoc on your blood sugar levels, promoting fat storage.

The introduction of HFCS into our food supply directly paralleled a 47% spike in Type 2 Diabetes cases as well as an 80% increase in obesity. Food manufacturers use HFCS in many mainstream products, including the following:
•Sauces (including ketchup)
•Energy Bars
•Soft Drinks / Fruit Juices
•Processed baked goods
•Ice Cream
•Salad Dressing
•Most packaged snack foods

Red Flagged Ingredient #2: Hydrogenated Fat / Partially Hydrogenated Fat (Trans Fat)
Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats have undergone such extensive processing that the chemical structure has changed from a “cis” shape, which the human body recognizes and utilizes, to a “trans” shape, which is foreign and destructive to human physiology.

Check each food label for the word ‘hydrogenated' and avoid it diligently. Cutting out hydrogenated fats is a simple set towards looking and feeling your best.

Red Flagged Ingredient #3: Aspartame
Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that was denied 8 times by the FDA before being approved in 1973. Many scientists objected the approval, claiming that aspartame hadn't been proven safe for use as a food additive.

MIT neuroscientist, Richard Wurtman, researched the effects of aspartame and concluded that it promotes cravings for foods high in calories and carbohydrates. Though aspartame is calorie-free it still causes insulin to be released, which job is to stow away sugar – when this sugar is not available, the result is often hypoglycemia and severe hunger. Not exactly a recipe for weight loss.

Red Flagged Ingredient #4: White Sugar
White sugar comes from the juice of a sugar cane plant that has undergone an intensive refining process. In this process all of the enzymes, fiber, vitamins and minerals are destroyed, rendering it nutritionally void. White sugar is also extremely high in calories, which your body loves to store away in fat cells.

Refined sugar has been linked to a weakened immune system, hyperactivity, ADD, mental and emotional disorders, dental cavities, hypoglycemia, enlargement of the liver and kidneys, and an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain. All that and it leads to weight gain.

Red Flagged Ingredient #5: White Flour
White flour comes from natural whole wheat that has been stripped of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This results in a nutritionally void product that is packed with calories that release quickly into your system, creating a spike in blood sugar. As you know, this promotes fat storage and leads to hysterical hunger and cravings. You don't need that.

Once you cut these 5 items out of your diet, you'll be pleased with the results. Expect to lose weight, to have more energy and to feel better than you have in a long time.

If you're serious about looking and feeling your best through purifying your diet, then focus on eating real food items. Real foods include lean meats, vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Would you like to expedite your fitness and weight loss results? Call or email today to get started on a fitness program that will quickly transform your body.

Remember, while nutrition is vitally important for weight loss, true results are achieved through a combination of both nutrition and challenging, progressive exercise.