Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kudos and Congratulations!! Goals!

Hey everyone!

It is almost the end of the year and it's time to reflect, congratulate, and set our goals in motion for the coming year. I expect big changes in all of us for an awesome 2010. Most of us have probably stated on New Year's Eve past how we want to change something or start a new healthy habit. The reason why we don't follow through a lot of the times is because the goals were never written and you were not held accountable for them. Success comes from having a clear understanding of what you want and why and a strategy or a solution to your obstacles and the belief that you can achieve it. I have attached a goal sheet that I would like everyone to fill out and return to me before New Years Eve. The sheet will outline your goals and solutions for your obstacles. Accountibility and taking action will ensure your success. Most people give up on their goals because of their 1st obstacle, although there may be setbacks, which is one thing I assure you will happen, it doesn't have to sabotage your efforts. Realize that the journey toward your goal is really more rewarding then the goal itself, so the only way you will fail is if you don't try. I really appreciate everyone's effort and look forward to the coming year of working together and sharing our success!

I would also like to acknowledge our new bootcampers success so far!

In 12 days
Misty lost so far 7.2lbs and 6.5 total inches ( almost 2 inches off thigh and abdominal)
Kalie lost so far 8lbs. and 4.75 inches ( almost 3inches off abdominals)

Laura C. lost 7lbs and 13.75 inches (4inches thigh and 2.75 abdominals, waist and chest)

Susan S. lost 8lbs and 5%Body Fat
Beth lost over 2% Body Fat

Preschool Teacher Bootcampers in 6weeks even during thanksgiving lost inches!
Diane lost 3.50lbs and over 21 inches in 6 sites!
Catherine lost 3lbs and over 7.75 inches in 4 sites (almost 3 inches off arms and abdominals)
Donna lost 7 inches off 4 sites ( 3.25 off abdominals)

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am proud of all of you and would like you to share your success stories with others. Even what seems like small achievements are just as important. Remember the more achievements even if they seem small can help others who may be struggling with the same things. Please let me know about your accomplishments even outside of bootcamp!